SparkPath Community
SparkPath Community
Erica Smigielski

Connect with Kindred Spirits

Evolve and elevate into a higher vibration of yourself.

About the Community

Find Refuge in the SparkPath Community


This protected, high-vibe community is for anyone seeking to explore and discover more ways to bridge their inner and outer worlds

You'll feel at home by being in the company of people like you traveling along their self-discovery and healing path. 

The community is a refuge where you find relief from the stresses of your life by re-remembering yourself and your essence while experiencing the group's sincere, compassionate grounding and support. That may be bite-size insights for your soul or a soundbite you take with you after a meaningful conversation.

And in turn, you reciprocate by supporting kindred spirits in the group. That may be responding to a group member's vulnerable question by sharing your personal, heartfelt story that directly relates to their inquiry.

Follow your instinct. Join the SparkPath community.

In this group, you will...

  • Find yourself rooted in a safe, protected space to E-X-H-A-L-E and just be. Be still. Be present. And be here now.
  • Be invited to reflect so you can bridge your inner and outer worlds - whether through contemplative prompts, questions, polls, or welcoming you to share a personal story to lift another person.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations, connecting on topics that nurture your heart and soul.
  • Feel like coming home to your inner sanctum that holds your purest insights to your Higher Self.

This is for you if you...

  • Operate in your authority when surfing the turbulent waves of life.
  • Find relief and reprieve by reconnecting with yourself.
  • Reciprocate sincere and compassionate support with grace and ease.
  • Desire to immerse yourself with kindred spirits.

If this rings true...

If all this rings true to you, then you found your group!

👉 Join now

We're real people having honest, wholehearted conversations. No bad actors. No curated data or data harvesting. No advertising.

You have questions...

Before you join the SparkPath Community, I'm guessing you may have questions. So here are the 5 FAQs I'm often asked about.

Q: How is this community different than your social platforms?

The SparkPath Community is a protected fertile ground to plant yourself in, evolve, and elevate yourself into a higher vibration. 

There are no toxic actors, bots, or curated data on this platform. Only real people having real and meaningful conversations that turn into meaningful connections. You feel at home by being in the company of people like you traveling along their self-discovery and healing path.

Q: Why are people joining SparkPath Community?

Well, using members' words, here are the reasons they joined.

  • I want to feel connected and make connections. 
  • I want to learn and grow with like-minded people. 
  • I want to participate in deep soulful discussions.
  • I want to be a part of a wise, light-filled community.
Q: What do members experience by joining this community?

Here's what they tell me.

  • Inspiration.
  • Goodness, to bring into my life.
  • Approaches I can really use.
  • A reprieve to regather and recollect myself.
Q: What's inside the SparkPath Community?

The community is a quilt work of inspirational posts, reflective inquiry, interactive live events, chats, challenges, collaborations, quests, workshops, and more! And what threads them together are the insights you access that stitch together connections within yourself and, in turn, with other members. 

Q: How much does it cost to join?

NOTHING! It's currently free to join. Spoiler Alert! Later this year, this free community - loaded with rich resources - will move to a paid membership. So join now and experience the community while it's still free!